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Our hope is that immersion into the lifeworlds of other spe-cies will help us to cultivate a more relational ethics that opens up possibilities to “(re) craft modes of living and dying on a richly varied yet fundamentally shared world.”7 In thinking the themes of belonging and care together, we acknowledge that caring With dissolution comes resolution for new beginnings, and multispecies storytelling is a creative model through which the possibility of “recuperation” that Haraway speaks of evolves into a new narrative that opens our minds to becoming-with other species in the web of life. By doing what Donna Haraway calls ‘multispecies storytelling’ research involving humans, dogs, and various animal organisations, we use storytelling to study what we call ‘pet capitalism’. Multispecies storytelling in botanical gardens makes visible the lives of plants, animals and microorganisms beyond the taxonomic frames into which they have been organized, and they help us discover the diversity of connected life. These connections extend far beyond biological life, multispecies storytelling.

Multispecies storytelling

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23 januari – 10 mars 2019 dance for plants, Karin Bolender Hart, Katja Aglert, Signe Johannessen Kristina Lindström och Åsa Ståhl. Multispecies Storytelling in Intermedial Practices är en tvärvetenskaplig konferens som arrangeras av Centre for Intermedial and Multimodal  Inte nu. Kommande evenemang. Dela evenemang. Multispecies Storytelling in Intermedial Practices har inga närliggande evenemang. Tidigare evenemang · MER INFO.

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True Storytelling is meaningful in the big picture, in the transition that is happening, moving from Business-As-Usual to Preparing in Advance for Multispecies Storytelling Future. Gaia Storytelling delivers answerability, not just a narrative collection of events and bystander characters, but the scenography for doing Together-Telling.

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Multispecies storytelling

multispecies, Storytelling, video, urban informatics, Brisbane, Maldives, ocean, fishy refraction, intra-actions, multispecies justice: Pure ID: 75940716: Divisions: Past > QUT Faculties & Divisions > Creative Industries Faculty Current > Schools > School of Design Current > Research Centres > QUT Design Lab: Rosa Bonheur, Highland Raid, 1860 For the transdisciplinary conference Multispecies Storytelling in Intermedial Practices, at Linneaus University 23-25 January, I will present and perform a virtual guided tour to the National Museum of Women in the Arts (NY), focusing mainly on the work of Rosa Bonheur. 2020-10-01 Multispecies Storytelling Vernissage. Välkommen på vernissage av utställningen Multispecies Storytelling onsdagen den 23 januari klockan 17-20. Multispecies Storytelling.

MAO Museum of Architecture  Stories from the North - empowerment og fællesskab gennem digital storytelling Scandinavian Somali Storyteller Academy The Multispecies Paradigm Shift. Becoming with Alien Encounters and Speculative Storytelling. In: International conference: Multispecies Story Telling in Intermedial Practice.
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Multispecies storytelling

Encounters between Transmedia and Multispecies Storytelling investigates creative approaches to multispecies ethnography, presenting a series of diverse   Multispecies stories challenge anthropocentric narratives that tend to depict the bodies of other species as rhetorically passive resources for human appropriation,  22 Feb 2021 Abstract. This paper pursues storytelling in the Anthropocene as a method of earthly survival and multispecies flourishing from capitalist ruins. Maya Livio. [Forthcoming]. “Lagomorph Lessons: Feminist Ethics for Environmental Sensing and Making Sense.” In Multispecies Storytelling. Ida Bencke and Our ecological challenges question us to mesh multispecies storytelling and practices of companions with speculative fabulation, science fact, science fiction,   reconstitute rich multispecies assemblages.10 Jason W. Moore, the propagator, along with Andreas Malm, of the term Capitalocene, likewise notices that.

Multispecies stories challenge anthropocentric narratives that tend to depict the bodies of other species as rhetorically passive resources for human appropriation, whether as consumptive commodities in global economies, or as metaphors and symbols in aesthetic media. 'Multispecies Storytelling' is a speculative endeavour asking how we may represent, relay and read worlds differently by taking other species serious as storytellers in their own rights. What other stories are to be invented and told from within those murky and many-tongued chatters of multispecies collectives? Multispecies Storytelling in Intermedial Practices We face an unparalleled historical situation of global multispecies suffering, variously known as the Anthropocene, or the New Climatic Regime, and signalled by alarming states of exposure and precarity in more-than-human worlds. A key idea in Rose’s work is her notion of multispecies storytelling, the notion that meaning-making isn’t just a human capacity, but something all living organisms do, as we all interact and Multispecies storytelling draws on narrative as a method but reorients the approach to look at nature through a more-than-human lens. Rethinking our relations with other species invites the production of new narratives through storytelling practices that can reshape understanding and knowledge of landscape value, heritage, and aesthetics.
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Multispecies storytelling

Konstnärerna  The Indigenous Canela inhabit a vibrant multispecies community of nearly 3,000 ethnobotanical classification, mythical storytelling, historical and modern-day  2019 Screening at the conference ”Multispecies Storytelling in Intermedial Practices”, Växjö (with Fröydi. Laszlo). 2018 Screening at the SLSA conference ”Out  Under uppstartsträffen besöker nätverket bland annat utställningen Multispecies Storytelling och kommer att ha konstworkshops tillsammans  Under kvällen besöker nätverket utställningen Multispecies Storytelling, har roliga konstworkshops tillsammans med en konstpedagog från  Multispecies Storytelling, curerad av Ida Bencke, Växsjö Konsthall (2019); Antifreeze – Rehearsals as Score, (separatutställning) curerad av Hanne Hammer  Helen Pritchard & Ida Bencke: Algae Poetics and Multispecies Storytelling. Kommunicerar växter? Skriver alger romaner? Människan brukar  CfP:”Multispecies Storytelling in Intermedial Practice bild.

What other stories are to be invented and told from within those murky and many-tongued chatters of multispecies collectives? Multispecies Storytelling in an Intermedial Perspective. This environmental humanities project was done to seek new constellations inside and outside conventional academic and artistic circles by way of a five-week symposium/exhibition/pedagogical program in Växjö in October through November 2018 and a book publication 2021.
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University of Växjö. Multispecies ethnography is an approach that aims to consider the agency of nonhuman life forms and their social, historical, and ecological connectivity with  with rich and diverse alien races and emergent storytelling, Stellaris: become a Hive Mind to avoid political strife, or create a multi-species  with questions of global multispecies sufferings and environmental distress, over to historical sound archives, animal voices and storytelling in Holmstedts  -a-multispecies-database(c50a3633-b7e8-45f6-b905-92b0fe057083).html  Andrea Petitt: "Ethnography of a gendered multi-species triad" The politics of storytelling: Performing narratives in social research in Durban, South Africa. A society based on a radically caring multispecies co-existence. och det långsiktiga projektet Swamp Storytelling presenterade vi också Katja  av G av föreningen Brage — och multi-species ethnography. Post-1945. Narrative and Disaster in the Collective Imaginary. Another aim is to allow for narrative elements to create a base.

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In I. Bencke, & J. Bruhn (Eds.), Mutispecies Storytelling Across Media Punctum Books. TransHuman Saunter is a geolocative artwork that documents the entanglements of four women artists with the multispecies ecosystem of the Indian Banyan Tree. These entanglements constitute re-created and re-imagined narratives of their relationship with the nonhuman colonised Indian Subcontinent being: Indian Banyan Tree. “Multispecies Storytelling in Intermedial Practice“: Conference in Växjö, January 23-25, 2019 (from Wednesday 1- pm to Friday 1 pm) This transdisciplinary conference is hosted by the Centre for Intermedial and Multimodal Studies, Linnæus University, Sweden, in collaboration with the Laboratory of Aesthetics and Ecology, Copenhagen/Berlin. Multispecies Storytelling of the Abilene Watershed Over time the place of the watershed, its relation between Nature and multiple species, results in a 'multispecies storytelling' recuperating living as well as dying, beginning as well as ending (see Haraway, 2016, chapter 1). Storytelling in the language of flowers.

Konferensbidrag (peer-reviewed): Multispecies Storytelling in Intermedial Practices, Linnéuniversitetet, 23-25 jan, 2019. Forskningsprojekt. Humus economicus: om jordblindhet och myllans värde i urbaniserade landskap (2021-2024) Mongolian Medicine, Multispecies Storytelling and Multimodal Anthropology. 12th August 2020 . You might also like.